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Providing Useful Insights & Solutions to Enable Your Success

  • Informed marketing and analytics decisions
  • Analysis, insight and strategic advice
  • +30 years of experience

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Our Client Reviews

Working with Oliver is an absolute joy. His enthusiasm for digital marketing as a tool for business growth is contagious. He has a deep knowledge of the Google and Facebook Marketing Engines and understands the impact of quality ad copy and qualified demographic targeting. He is responsive and responsible and truly cares about driving business performance. He is a true partner in the way he always brings new ideas to each client he works with.

Jeremy Dougherty – CEO/Founder of Maroon Bell

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Oliver and the Centaur team are the real deal. They understand the complex digital marketing landscape, are analytical and practical. In an industry riddled with charlatans working with Centaur is a breath of fresh air.

Feras Khalibus – CEO/Founder of Mirus Digital

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Oliver is a marketing rockstar and we have really enjoyed working with him and his team over the past 4 years.

David Fitzgerald – General Manager of Monster Group

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We knew that digital marketing was important and thought we had a good person doing it for our company. Something happened and we replaced that person with Oliver from Centaur Consulting Group and what we found out was that which we thought was good…really wasn’t and now with the expertise from Centaur, we are coming off of our second straight record breaking year.

Lawrence Fine – Head of Marketing at Adventures on The Gorge

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Oliver has always gone above and beyond. He has managed his relationships with lots of dedication. He always communicates in a transparent manner while looking for ways to improve performance. He constantly looks for anywhere that he can improve and he is an asset when it comes to strategy.

Nathan Quinn – Marketing Manager of Service Heroes

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I have worked with Oliver’s team in apparel for over a year now. Previously, one of our client’s had just started seeing success via paid advertising but we felt we needed to bring on an additional expert in order to fully level up.

Kevin Gawronski – CEO/Founder of Gawronski Media

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In The Digital Marketing World

Insights Are Everything

Using strategic consulting methods, we specialize in helping you make informed marketing and analytics decisions to deliver results. We work as part of your team, offering analysis, insight, and strategic advice, backed +30 years of experience and informed market research.

What Our Strategic Consulting Services Focus On

Digital Marketing

  • Channel Specific Advice
  • Channel Expansion Strategies
  • Performance Improvement Planning
  • Creative Messaging & Branding

Data Analytics

  • Performance Audits
  • Reporting Advice
  • Reporting Automation
  • Data Management
  • Advise Data Policies

Marketing Strategy

  • Planning To Achieve Marketing Goals
  • Advice or Market Mix
  • Finding Market Fit
  • Internal Marketing Processes

Persona Research & Development

  • Research Top Personas
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Layering Personas into Marketing

Valued Clients We Have Worked With

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