Adventures on the Gorge

Increased Revenue by Over $5 Million Dollars

About the Client

Imagine trying to sell summer adventure activities and lodging in the middle of a global pandemic that prompted would-be explorers to stay home. That’s the reality Adventures on the Gorge faced, while going through a major internal transition.

They needed sales and talented digital marketers to manage their paid media efforts. That’s where we came in.

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  • 23% Paid Media Revenue Increase
  • Increased ROAS from 7.5x to 9x ROAS
  • Traffic Volume Increased by 128%
  • CTR Increased by 94%
  • Client invested additional $60,618 more in ad spend to gain an additional $1.2 million in revenue in 2020. Then another $3.8 million in 2021.
Here’s What We Did For

Adventures on the Gorge

Our main goal is to help Adventures on the Gorge generate qualified leads at a $50 CPA for its entities.
We’ve worked to develop Adventures on the Gorges presence on new ad platforms.
We expanded Adventures on the Gorge’s reach on Facebook Ads, and scaled their presence on Google Ads.
We consulted with Adventures on the Gorge to discover innovative ways to expand their brand presence.

Our Strategy & Tactics for Increasing Revenue

  • We focused on targets within a 4 to 6 hour travel radius of their campgrounds to revive their booking volume among a more local audience.
  • We revamped their campaigns and scaled them back from a $675 weekly spend to as much as $20k a week during the peak of their seasonality. All while maintaining a strong ROAS.
  • We crafted creative assets to focus on untapped demand in the region for individual and group bookings.
  • Taking advantage of competitor inactivity, we increased our market presence at a lower cost per click.
  • We developed budget pacing strategies to scale down gradually, and shifted focus to alternative revenue streams, keeping ROAS above a 9x (the original goal was 7.5x)

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Increasing Revenue: The Process

Market Analysis

We listened to what our client had to say, taking time to consider their biggest concerns. Then we analyzed the current state of the market, and devised a plan to address their fears.

Plan Of Action

We rolled out our 90-day Plan of Action, based around boosting ROAS by 20% vs the prior year while also increasing revenue. With a lower cost to compete in the market, we realized that narrowly targeting the local region to minimize long-distance travel concerns, combined with revising the promotional content on their website, would be a winning combination for success.


The results came in, and they were better than anyone imagined. Adventures on the Gorge actually managed to increase bookings and took in major revenue from group bookings – even during a pandemic!

Increased Revenue Case Study: Conclusion

Most travel companies struggled with marketing during this challenging year, but Adventures on the Gorge managed to thrive. They were so thrilled with the results that they even offered us new opportunities to work together. And the best part – because revenue actually increased, the local employees were able to stay employed. We call that a win-win.