Monster Group

Decreased the CPA from nearly $60 down to $22!

About the Client

Monster Group is one of the largest electricity & internet brokers in Australia. Over the past 5 years, Monster Group has helped over 35,000 happy customers find new energy providers, get superior deals on solar panels, and found people better internet providers.

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  • Increased Qualified Lead Volume by 7x
  • Expanded Branch Presence
  • Decreased CPA from $60 down to $22
Here’s What We Did For

Monster Group

Our main goal is to help Monster Group generate qualified leads at a $50 CPA for its entities.
We’ve worked to develop Monster Group’s presence on new ad platforms.
Then we expanded Monster Group’s reach on Facebook Ads, and scaled their presence on Google Ads.
As we began hitting our goals, we consulted with Monster Group to discover innovative ways to expand their brand presence.

The Results So Far

  • Electricity Monster decreased it’s CPA from $60 down to $22!
  • We increased website lead volume by 7x for Solar Monster within the same budget to increase lead quality.
  • Established & Scaled Presence on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, AdRoll, and Bing.

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The Process

Develop Bond, Gain Knowledge

Our team worked with Monster Group to develop a strong bond, gaining comprehensive knowledge of what they do and how they do it.

Plan Of Action

Our 90 day Plan of Action is always in action, constantly updating to reflect new goals. We’ve moved from merely expanding Monster Group’s online presence to planning its expansion into new markets. We regularly audit our efforts, update our project plans, and short term goals to continue to help Monster Group grow.

Customized Process

The proof is in the pudding. Our customized process has kept Ben & his sales team incredibly busy with new leads. Most importantly, we developed a weekly feedback loop to take in the team’s feedback to improve the lead quality and find new prospects based upon up to date persona research.


Collaboration is natural at this point. We work together to constantly look for ways to innovate Monster Group’s marketing efforts, whether it’s as simple as lowering the CPM/CPC with better creative or as complex as guiding Ben’s team toward effective automation practices for their website, reporting, and chat flows.