Maroon Bell

Increased Online Revenue by 988% from 2019 to 2020

About the Client

Classic city chic, but rugged enough for the outdoors – that’s the appeal of Maroon Bell, an apparel brand that, like us, believes in versatility. When we took on the account in February 2020, in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly learned from our client, Jeremy, that most of his year would be lost.

The majority of their revenue came from in-person sales at local festivals, so we had to expand their online presence to diversify their revenue sources – and make up for lost revenue. Fortunately, we had a plan.

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  • Increased ROAS from 1.2x to 3x ROAS
  • Conversion rates improved by 55%
  • Monthly traffic increased by 420%
  • Order volume increased by 567%
Here’s What We Did For

Maroon Bell

We took over management for all paid media channels. We developed Maroon Bell’s presence on new paid media platforms (Amazon, Google, & Bing). We scaled Maroon Bell’s presence on Facebook Ads. We consulted with Jeremy to develop his marketing strategy to achieve his long term revenue goals. We redesigned the brand’s website and refined the content to improve user experience. We managed his Amazon presence. We gradually developed his entire marketing program

The Results So Far

  • We increased online revenue 988% from $34k in 2019 to $375k in 2020
  • We increased average monthly revenue from paid media from $5.8k in January 2020 to over $70k per month.
  • We maintained a 2x ROAS overall while increasing our ROAS on SEM to 3x for top promotional periods.
  • Paid media conversion rates improved by 55%.
  • Monthly traffic to the site increased by 420%
  • Across all channels, order volume increased by 567%
  • We established a Long Term Marketing Strategy to replace missed revenue due to COVID-19
  • Maroon Bell had their Best Monthly Performance alltime for Revenue & ROAS since the business began almost 5 years ago

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The Process

Developed Marketing Strategy

We developed a marketing strategy around Buffalo Leather Gloves, his top margin product. Our team met with Jeremy to create a long term promotion strategy, develop a new website, and determine next steps for restructuring his Facebook Ads account.

Plan Of Action

Our 90 Day Plan exceeded expectations during the summer (a slower time of year for most of Maroon Bell’s apparel.) So we revised our strategy to focus on establishing his presence on SEM, Organic Shopping Listing on Google, and Amazon.

Holiday Promotion Strategy

We proactively created a holiday promotion strategy to expand his presence during the November-December holiday shopping season.


As we continue our marketing efforts in 2021, we’ve positioned Maroon Bell to perform exponentially better than it did in 2020 – which was still a banner year for revenue & ROAS.