Kitchen Appliance Case Study

Scaled Ecommerce Revenue From $6.9k to $18k

About the Client

Our client is a kitchen equipment ecommerce brand that believes in providing great appliances to help people live a healthier lifestyle. When we started to manage their SEM efforts in August 2021, they weren’t able to advertise because of merchant center issues. They had generated a lot of revenue during COVID due to viral Tiktok posts, but wanted to find a way to generate more consistent results on SEM. The account originally had great results due to the viral posts earlier in the year, yet results had fallen flat after their first 2 months on Google Ads.

We went from helping them get ads live on Google to exceeding YoY revenue (from 2021 to 2022) by 102% with a 6% increase in ROAS. This year, we wanted to outdo our results and have increased revenue from 2022 to 2023 (January to June) by 67% & ROAS by 19%. It has been quite the journey so far and we’re all incredibly excited for what the future holds.

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  • We took over management for Google Ads & fixed Merchant Center issues.
  • Analyzed a comprehensive set of product data in account & business wide. 
  • We initially developed new shopping campaigns to gradually increase results.
  • We were early adopters for performance max campaigns in January 2022 which led to early testing/optimizations for this new campaign type
  • The plan for 2022 was revised to fit seasonal trends observed in the account and Google Analytics
  • We scaled our presence significantly during the holiday season to exceed expectations
  • Then we revised our plan for the off-season in 2023 to then resegment our campaigns in a way that would increase revenue/ROAS for the spring and summer.
Here’s What We Did For

The Process

  1. We audited the account and started by analyzing product data to figure out where we could get quick wins vs long term wins. We also used this time to fix the shopping feed and work on 
  2. Our 90 Day Plan exceeded expectations during the winter to improve upon the flatlined results after the viral Tiktok posts.
  3. We proactively created new performance max test strategies and executed on them throughout 2022 to improve results.
  4. As we begin 2023, we revised our plan to focus on a new mix of products and promotions to improve results with performance max campaigns during slower months of the year.

The Results So Far

  • We exceeded our 3x ROAS goal in 2022 and are on pace to exceed our new 4x ROAS goal in 2023
  • We increased average monthly revenue from paid media from $6.9k during the spring of 2021 to over $18k per month in 2023.
  • We maintained a 2x ROAS to start with then have gradually doubled that ROAS over the past 2 years.
  • CTR increased by 46% due to ongoing creative tests
  • AOV increased by 49% from analyzing and selecting the right product mix.
  • CPCs maintained a slight 2% increase despite increasing our scale.
  • We established a Long Term Marketing Strategy based upon iterative testing and refined results based upon in-account data and third party data. 
  • We generated the best monthly performances in the account all-time.

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