The 4 Minute Guide on How to Create Facebook Lead Forms

Lead forms have become increasingly popular for digital marketers as iOS updates have made it more difficult to optimize for conversions outside of Facebook. Plus, it gets rid of friction for your prospect so it’s easier for them to sign up.

Creating a Facebook lead form can seem intimidating at first, though after you read this quick guide, you should feel more comfortable setting up a lead form on Facebook. Alternatively, you can hire a Facebook Ads consultant to do it for you

This guide will go over how to create a lead form in Facebook, what you need to do to connect your lead form to your CRM, and useful tips to consider when you’re creating a lead form to improve your results.

Steps to Create a Facebook Lead Form

Forget the fluff, here are the steps you should take to make your lead form:

  1. Go to your Meta Business Suite
  2. Click on “All Tools” and go to the “Instant Form” section
  1. Click “Create Form” and follow the prompts to the first section of your form (see below).You will be asked whether you want more volume or higher intent. When you’re starting out it is usually better to get higher intent then if you are seeing that you have great lead quality, it is good to create a new form that goes for more volume.
  1. Fill out the intro section. We recommend you do the following:
    1. Use the image from your ad for the sake of consistency. Unless you have a background image that is more fitting for your offer.
    2. Give a headline that reflects the intent of the user.
    3. Provide a paragraph or list giving additional details on your offer. This tends to be very helpful for vetting people before they sign up by providing information early on to let them know if what you are offering is relevant to them.
  1. Questions – this is the meat of the form fill besides the introduction. Facebook provides you with the ability provide up to 15 questions and the ability to ask two types of questions:
    1. Custom – where you provide the specific question types: 
      1. Multiple choice – to give people different options to choose from. Limiting options or giving ranges can be best to get the answer you’re looking for.
  1. Short answer – ask questions that leave room for people to provide open responses
  1. Conditional – create a set of questions with conditional answers that change based upon how someone answers the prior question.
  1. Appointment requests – as said, it lets people schedule a date and time to make an appointment with you or your business.
  1. Prefill Questions – you can add questions where Facebook will automatically pull information from the person’s Facebook or Instagram account to complete the form. There are more details here on what type of information you can get with prefill questions.
  1. Privacy Policy – this part is very easy. Facebook requires you to  give a link to your privacy policy to let people know what you will be doing with their information. A few notes on this:
    1. If you don’t have a privacy policy page, we would recommend you talk to a lawyer and create one.
    2. If you have custom disclaimers for your industry. Facebook gives you the option to provide this additional information with their custom disclaimer section.
    3. In general, if you have questions about your privacy policy for collecting consumer information, you should ask a lawyer or professional legal support.
  1. Completion – this is the message people will see after they submit the form. You can let people go back to Facebook/Instagram and provide them with next steps to do the following:
    1. Visit your website or a relevant webpage with additional information
    2. Call your business
    3. Download a guide or related content
  1. Click Publish to complete your form. After that’s done, all you will need to do is connect your form to your CRM then create a post or ad to start generating leads.

Connect Your CRM to Your Facebook Lead Forms

This part of the process is either really simple or can take a little extra time. Either way, you will need to have admin access to your Facebook Page and have lead access permissions to begin.

Here are the steps to connect your CRM:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page
  2. Click Publishing Tools
  3. Click All Tools and select Instant Forms
  4. In the CRM Setup, select the name of the CRM system you would like to use. This is where things either become easier or can take more time. If you have one of the dozens of CRMs that integrate with Facebook, this should be easier. If not, then you may need to use a third party integration like Zapier or create a Custom integration. Additional details are here for you and your developer.
  5. When the name of your CRM pops up, there are two possible scenarios you may encounter:
    1. Connect From Website – follow the prompts that appear and then complete the step by step directions on your CRM provider’s website. After these steps are completed, your CRM should be connected.
    2. Connect – allows you to connect your CRM via Zapier. Here are the instructions to do so. This can be very easy and codeless if you already have a Zapier account with a custom setup.

Once that’s done, you should be able to use Facebook’s lead form test tool to make sure your integration works. After that your lead form should be ready to go live, congrats!

Facebook Lead Form Tips

Here are basic things we think you should consider when you’re getting started or as you test your lead form based upon our past experiences:

  • Provide more detail in the intro to begin with so you can vet customers more and let them know what they should expect.
  • Use custom questions to weed out bot traffic.
  • More questions improve the quality of your leads while fewer questions improve your conversion rate & CPA. Finding the right balance can help you get optimal results.
  • Make sure you nurture your leads. After someone provides their information, they are very likely to either slowly forget about what they signed up for or will look at alternatives.
  • Consider your question line – different prompts can either increase or decrease the quality of your leads.
  • Test different text variations over time along with different offers. This can help you gradually improve your CVR, lead quality, lead volume, and CPA.

Final Thoughts

Facebook lead forms can be intimidating at first, but it can be easier than it seems with all of the user friendly prompts that they provide.

If you need help setting up your Facebook Lead Forms or have any questions with your setup, then you should book a free consultation with us today. We would be happy to help!

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